A Camp Child Dream
By Usama Abou El Sheikh

From my early childhood, I used to contemplate in things that maybe realistic for a child who lives in his homeland, but imaginary for a refugee child, a child without a land. All what I dreamt about was an alley wider than ours, a garbage can in that alley in which we could throw our garbage so that our camp would stay clean. Maybe once I dared and dreamt of a small train that would turn around me and drew a smile on my face. My dreams stayed dreams and I lost them as I grew up to be a teenager. My childhood dreams were lost without getting achieved, I grew and my dreams grew with me: I now dream as watching the sky and the stars of my mum's lap. I dream of taking her around the world on a trip to compensate for her the horrible refugee life that she lived still living. I also dream that my younger children will have rights as children. Will my dreams come true? I knew they won't and I will grow and my dreams will grow with me. In a while I will start dreaming of a bride, with whom I will fly to another planet to escape this foolish planet that is filled with hatred, oppression, injustice. When we are there we will throw love and tenderness on the world and teach people the meaning of those now meaningless words.

…. And I know I will grow up to that dream without achieving it. Then other dreams will come to me such as getting into a university, getting a degree, finding a job and then get married. Then give birth to children, girls and boys, and be able to provide them with a better future. Then be secure as a grown up and find medicine if I get sick as an old man.
I know I will grow, my dreams will grow with me and I won't achieve them But I will always follow my dreams even if I won't catch them… I will never stop dreaming…