Palestine as imagined by Shatila Children

1. Palestine, the land:
Very, very beautiful.
Very green
Covered by flowers and trees.
It is full with fresh water.
There are so many yards and playgrounds.
No alleys
No garbage
Streets are clean
No Syrians
No Lebanese
There is a sea of chocolate in Palestine.
There are good schools.
There are schools for music
There are good hospitals
Good universities
Parents find work
Houses are large
Every house has a garden
Every child in the family has his own bedroom
Children can become doctors or engineers or whatever they want.

3 - Human Relations:
Parents don't die.
Parents love each other
Parents love their children and take care of them
Parents don't divorce
Parents don't get married twice
There are no grandparents
All parents are wealthy
Teachers love their students
People are people
People help each other
Everybody is happy
Children don't work, they ride bikes all the time
Girls and boys love each other without fear
Love is not a shame
Boys and girls go to the same schools
Girls don't get married early. They wait to the ones they love.
Women don't gossip
Children are happy
People are nice to children.
Girls have beautiful dresses.
It is always Eid in Palestine.