Our Visitors
By The Whole Group

They come … They go  
If they will be back  
We don’t know  
They brought us books  
In which to read  
The reason why  
Is the brain to feed?  
We don’t have brains  
They surely realized  
Long time ago  
Ours were paralyzed.  
To think is human  
But are we?  
The world thinks we are not  
As you can see.  
To study, to learn  
We are hardly allowed  
Our living to earn  
Is forbidden, no doubt  
To be carpenters, bakers or painters  
Is what we can aim for  
Our future is black  
It is for sure.  
We like to play  
We don’t have yards  
We need a zoo  
But we also need you.  
We don’t need visitors  
Who come and go  
We need friends  
With whom to grow  
We do need books  
In which to read  
But we also need friends  
With whom to speak.  
They left the books  
And “they go”  
Our hearts they took  
But they don’t know.  
Are they coming back?  
We don’t think so.